Customers are asking for an idea of all our services:

Some of the systems we provide an advanced advisory service and support service for are:

  • Messaging systems, communications unification, Alarm Alert systems.
  • Wireless systems and radio systems of all kinds.
  • WI-FI public networks for city CBD, Municipal Wi-Fi systems.
  • Wireless and Wired PABX services and Cisco systems both voice and data.
  • Personal handheld portable handsets of various types including DECT, MOTO TRBO, TETRA location, GPS and duress based systems.
  • Personal security alarms, duress systems and Location based systems and RTLS systems.
  • Satellite, GSM, 2G, M2M systems.
  • POCSAG radio paging upgrades and integration to BMS, Fire, Duress and Security Alarms.
  • And to DECT PAGING and MOTO TRBO paging. ( text, SMS, messaging).
  • 24/7 technology support via our modern Network Operations Centre. And Help desk available by agreement.

Call our technical centre for free advice on any aspect of your wireless and communications needs Phone: 1300 765 543 (FREE 1300, or +612 914122100)
Ask for the Technical Advisory Team.


  Our leading solutions provide long-lasting benefits.

Wired and Wireless Solutions International leads the way in providing services as well as distributing IT, communications & electronics solutions to customers around the world. Applications ranging from industry, hospitals, security and surveillance, to the retail sector and hotels all benefit from our "best technology" principles and value-added solutions.

Wired & Wireless Solutions International is an ICT distribution & consulting company with a presence in major regions. "Wired & Wireless" specialise in distributing Telemetry, Alarms, IP, Telecommunications, Wireless, and IT hardware & software systems for communications, security, industrial and business applications.

Our solutions are based upon sophisticated technology platforms provided by the world's leaders including Alcatel, Avaya, Symbol, Cisco, Ericsson, Data-Linc, Shyam Telecom and other leaders-specialists in wireless and telemetry systems. Our integrators and resellers provide On-site Solutions (see right) as well as Wide-area / Mobile Solutions, and general B2B solutions.


Support for your Cordless Systems and Handsets !
Compatible with Ericsson, Ascom, Nira cordless systems

Compatible with handsets including DT292, Office-M, Office-T, 9d24 Talker Messenger, Protector, DT292, DT290, DT590 etc
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