Customers are asking for an idea of all our services:

Some of the systems we provide an advanced advisory service and support service for are:

  • Messaging systems, communications unification, Alarm Alert systems.
  • Wireless systems and radio systems of all kinds.
  • WI-FI public networks for city CBD, Municipal Wi-Fi systems.
  • Wireless and Wired PABX services and Cisco systems both voice and data.
  • Personal handheld portable handsets of various types including DECT, MOTO TRBO, TETRA location, GPS and duress based systems.
  • Personal security alarms, duress systems and Location based systems and RTLS systems.
  • Satellite, GSM, 2G, M2M systems.
  • POCSAG radio paging upgrades and integration to BMS, Fire, Duress and Security Alarms.
  • And to DECT PAGING and MOTO TRBO paging. ( text, SMS, messaging).
  • 24/7 technology support via our modern Network Operations Centre. And Help desk available by agreement.

Our leading solutions provide long-lasting benefits.

Wired and Wireless Solutions International leads the way in providing services as well as distributing IT, communications & electronics solutions to customers around the world. Applications ranging from industry, hospitals, security and surveillance, to the retail sector and hotels all benefit from our "best technology" principles and value-added solutions.

Wired & Wireless Solutions International is an ICT distribution & consulting company with a presence in major regions. "Wired & Wireless" specialise in distributing Telemetry, Alarms, IP, Telecommunications, Wireless, and IT hardware & software systems for communications, security, industrial and business applications.

Our solutions are based upon sophisticated technology platforms provided by the world's leaders including Alcatel, Avaya, Symbol, Cisco, Ericsson, Data-Linc, Shyam Telecom and other leaders-specialists in wireless and telemetry systems. Our integrators and resellers provide On-site Solutions (see right) as well as Wide-area / Mobile Solutions, and general B2B solutions.

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Call our technical centre for free advice on any aspect of your wireless and communications needs Phone: 1300 765 543 (FREE 1300, or +612 914122100)
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Support for your Cordless Systems and Handsets !
Compatible with Ericsson, Ascom, Nira cordless systems

Compatible with handsets including DT292, Office-M, Office-T, 9d24 Talker Messenger, Protector, DT292, DT290, DT590 etc
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